Monday, 5 April 2010

Tok Su is HERE

It was Sunday morning. I and my family was waiting at Manchester airport for Tok Su, Pak Teh and Mak Teh. Then we saw Tok Su. He and another Tok Su, Pak Teh and Mak Teh was walking to us. I and Alif shouted and ran to them. After that my daddy took us to Anfield Stadium. I took a picture with `Gerrard. We went to Everton Stadium. Then we went to the Beattles Museum. Next we went to Old Trafford. The stadium of the Manchester Unitied football club. There my daddy and Tok su bought a green and yellow scarf. Because it remind us of Hijau Kuning Team back in Kedah. Malaysia.


♥♥♥ Mrs. Hasanif ♥♥♥ said...

wuyooo syoknya ...akif dah bawa tok su jalan p mana?

Harith Akif MShahar said...

pi stadium