Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chickenpox Blues

When there were two or three chickenpox blisters spotted on my belly my mum and dad thought it were insect bites. One day later there were more blisters scatted on my belly and even at my back. My dad rushed to the pharmacy in Tesco.
"Is it chickenpox?" asked my mum.
"Yes I afraid so" the pharmacist answered .
He gave me a Aqueous Calamine cream and Piriton syrup. Both of the medicines were to make the itchiness not so bad. Then my chicken pox day turn from bad to worst. The the third, fourth and fifth day were nightmares. My body itchy and hurts and it felt so tired .

Oh did I tell you that my parents make me drank cans of coconut juice? They said that the juice will make the blisters came out faster. So they did . On the 10th day it started to feel better and on the 13th day I went to school as usual.

Did I tell you that those horrible blisters came out on the day after my birthday? Yes they did. Lucky it was not on my birthday.

I am felling much better now.

Write again soon