Saturday, 26 February 2011

The P&O Cruise

Last Saturday, February the 19th, my family together with our family friends went to Amsterdam, Holland from Hull on the P&O Cruise. It was very huge. It has cabins. Lots of them. It even has cabin suites. I liked the cruise very much. In the cruise I met my classmate Iona and her sister and also her little brother Joshua, who is my little brother classmate. We played in the ball pool. It was really fun.The cruise even has a 3 cinemas. We didn't watch any movie since all the movies which were shown, we have already seen. We had so much fun in the cruise. When it was late and tired we went back to our cabin and slept. The next morning we arrived at Rotterdam. I hope someday I will be cruising again.

I will tell you more about my half term holiday. But I have to go now.


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