Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Travel Europe: Windmill So Cool.

One day during our journey to Europe, we went to a windmill. It was huge. My dad asked, 'do you want to go on a tour?' And we all answered 'yes!!!!'. So my dad paid 20 something euro. It was the best tour.

Later we got to a weird part. A wedding place in windmill. A wedding place?????! Weird right?? I was confused for a while. Then after the tour guide explained, I understand. Some people like to get married here. As our final tour we watched a video about Rembrandt. My mom said he was a famous painter many-many years ago. His painting still famous until now. For me the best part the tour was going down a small and stiff wooden ladder.....backward.....hahahaha. So funny but scary too.

Write to much to go...More next time. BYE